Be Good to Yourself

My journey into the arts began more than twenty years ago. All of my children were still little at the time, and my youngest son, Sean was born autistic. School was particularly difficult for him, in its social aspects and in the need for focus. In searching for a channel for him to express his emotions, I stumbled on the idea of enrolling him in art classes; the difference was immediate – he was focused and content when making art. The calming influence art had on Sean became an important factor in setting me on my artistic path. As he was happier and my other children began to grow older, I signed up for my first art class, and found my own outlet for self- expression. Until then, I had always thought that some people were born with artistic talent and others weren’t. I hadn’t realized that with passion and dedication and effort, anything can be learned and mastered if you can just find the courage to start! Be good to yourself and follow your heart.

Many years and many classes later, I am still on my path to mastery. I never let a day go by without drawing or painting, trying to better my skills and more clearly express my emotions through art. So be inspired! As Goethe said, “What you can do, or dream you can do, begin it; Boldness has genius, power, and magic in it.” I am now living my dream of being a full time working artist. I hope that the work that brings me so much joy spills over into you when you wear it, or decorate with it, or share it with friends. And Sean, by the way, grew up to be a successful and thriving potter, who often gets more press than I do.

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