Shape. Color. Emotion.

My work as a painter and surface designer is an exploration of shapes, color and emotion, inspired by my experiences. 

As a painter, I am inspired by many of the great masterworks, but feel particular affinity with the German Expressionist, The Blue Rider Artists, and Wolf Kahn.  Animals, family, and a love of art history are major influences on my work. 

When creating wearables, I use the traditional silk dyeing methods of shibori. Other times I feel inspired to create my own silkscreens and layer them onto the fabric. I also hand-paint abstract and representational images directly onto the silk with dye.

Regardless of the method, each wearable piece is a truly original work that I hope brings you great joy to wear or display in your home. Each wearable piece is discretely signed by me, so as not to distract from the design. If it is a gift, please let the owner know that they are wearing an original piece of art.

I have been an artist for as long as I can remember, although I didn't really begin to follow the impulse until later in my adulthood. One of my children, Sean, is autistic, and found tremendous release in making art. This inspired me to begin taking classes, leading me on a journey to the professional working artist I am today. 

I am an Indiana native living and creating art in the countryside near Indianapolis. My husband and I share our home with our wonderful dogs and cats. 

I am a proud member of Indiana Artisan (Indiana’s official branding organization representing the highest quality art and design), Indiana Plein Air Painters Association, Silk Painters International, and the Hoosier Salon. 

In addition to art fairs and gallery shows of my work, I teach private and group classes in a variety of media, sharing my love for art.

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